The 17th DJHT will take place online from 18th to 20th May 2021. The agenda will feature major topical issues relevant to the under-27 age group.

The Motto

The motto of the 17th DJHT is “We create future – now!”   
The Child and Youth Welfare Community is fully aware of its child and youth policy mission and its responsibilities towards today’s younger generation. One the one hand, an urgent need for long-term action at various levels has been identified. On the other, the community is already engaged in working with young people to shape the future. Hence, the motto of the 17th DJHT is “We create future – now!”

Nineteen carefully chosen terms illustrate the meaning behind the motto. They help to visualise what the future ought to look like, from the point of view of the Child and Youth Welfare Community and also of young people. 

These terms are:





















The motto and these underlying terms represent the conceptual framework of the 17th DJHT. Topics to be covered include; child protection, democracy, digitalisation, sustainability and inclusion. 

The 17th DJHT: Major Online Event in the Field of Child and Youth Welfare

The corona pandemic continues to have a firm grip on the world and is turning even the most careful planning upside down. Since the beginning of the year, this has manifested itself in increasing uncertainty among many of the organisations involved in a hybrid DJHT, regarding the feasibility of an on-site exposition and congress in May 2021. AGJ has taken these concerns very seriously and has intensively examined all possible scenarios. In view of the ongoing pandemic situation and the associated risks, the AGJ management board decided, in an extraordinary meeting, on 11th February 2021 to cancel the on-site DJHT. The decision was not easy for the AGJ. We would have been very happy to hold a vibrant 17th DJHT together with you on-site in Essen, Germany. However, with this early decision we hope that we can give you the planning security that you urgently need as an exhibitor and organiser of a workshop at the moment. Fortunately, no one has to miss out on the largest youth welfare summit in Europe: The 17th DJHT will take place digitally from 18th to 20th May 2021.

At the 17th DJHT there will be a European Dimension again. Participating in the DJHT online, should be of particular advantage for international visitors, especially with regard to possible travel restrictions. The digital component offers professionals from all over Europe the opportunity to come together and network even more easily.

Digital Congress

By the application deadline on 15th  October 2020, a total of 277 workshops had been submitted. Among them are 32 workshops on European topics, which will be held in or translated into English during DJHT. All events will be transferred into the digital space.

Digital Exposition

More than 200 exhibitors have already booked their digital exhibition stand. The digital exposition includes a wide range of functionalities for presenting the offers and services of the exhibiting organisations and for interacting with visitors.

European and international guests are warmly invited to discover the multiple exposition stands at the 17th DJHT.

The European Programme: Europe@DJHT

As with previous DJHTs, the 17th DJHT will also feature a European programme, implemented by the AGJ together with its cooperation partners; JUGEND für Europa, Germany’s National Agency for the EU programmes Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps.

The conference will comprise around 32 expert workshops with a European focus. The exposition will incorporate a Marketplace Europe, where child and youth welfare organisations and facilities with a European or international focus will present their work.


Please address any questions to Ms. Antonia Dautz, who is the responsible correspondent for organisational matters. She can be reached by phone: +49 (0)30 400 40 230 or by e-mail: djht[at]